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We're here to turn what used to be a headache into something fun and practical for you. Designed and made with care by our owner Jin, our gadgets have all gone through hours of testing and research. Have lots of fun! 💛💙

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From "what if" to something real

Our gadgets exist today because of everyday challenges that few people have bothered to solve. We believe that with a little bit of engineering magic, we can both make your life easier *and* make mundane moments fun.

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Backed by world-class technology

From choosing the right 3D printing filament, to getting the right temperature, to modifying designs, to perfecting the finish... Every gadget is designed and created by our owner Jin. Each gadget has gone through hours of research and testing to ensure we deliver the best version to you.

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Unmet needs are inspiration for us. If there's an everyday problem that you'd like us to solve for you, get in touch! It doesn't matter how small, weird, or random. We're here to help you have fun!

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