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Watch Buddy™

Watch Buddy™

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Watch Buddy is a GPS watch holder designed for canoers, kayakers, SUPers, and dragon boaters.

Struggling to read data from your watch while paddling? With Watch Buddy, you can now secure your watch on the watercraft and see your heart rate, stroke rate, speed, and other real-time data right in front of you. 

What else is cool about Watch Buddy:

  • Fits all Garmin watch band sizes
  • Floats on water with watch attached 
  • Adjustable watch face angle
  • Quick release from mount or clamp
  • Stronger and more durable mounting pads than GoPro's 

Your order will include the holder, adjustable hinge screw, quick-release clip, and 1 adhesive mount.  

Shipping calculated at checkout. All orders will enjoy 1 free replacement of any broken parts.

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